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To cover beauty therapy, fitness, holistic and nutrition, spa therapy is meant for in these modern days all over the world and due to its very effective results spa has become very much popular.

Spa therapy especially and widely used under beauty therapy circumstances by focusing on the holistic therapy approach. Since ancient times for healing water was used by human being, and therefore spa therapy is not a new approach of healing to this world. Grand Spa Centre (The baap of spa in ambala) is the best spa centre in ambala avails the various spa for mind refresh, relaxing with various body spa in ambala.

Specific areas like aromatherapy, which works on sanity of smell and touch, spa therapy occasionally focuses on it.

A wide range of treatment denotes Spa Therapy. With reference to water treatment, in the past spa word was utilized. It was a thought and trust during ancient times by majority of the provinces, that bathing in spring water consequences in physical and spiritual cleansing. It was a thought in past, that Spa Therapy and Spa Aqua Therapies were solely available to royal families only. A center of Massage, facial, water treatments, pedicure and manicure, nowadays describes with the phrase Spa. Spa centers nowadays may offer foot massage, facial therapy, massage only, without any association of any aqua therapy.

Spa is called for those centers, which provides any of these treatments or all therapy. Just for water treatment Spa is not coordinated. Nowadays for treating the illnesses caused by abnormalities of mind, spirit and body, the term Spa is frequently applied to illustrate these facilities. For treatment of facials, aromatherapy and nails, the term Spa is used very often. 

For musculoskeletal pain & for relaxation, massage therapy is provided in majority of Spa Centers. After detailed conversation with the clients, a massage therapist cautiously plans to undergo for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain. Before and after massage, massage therapy is often combined with steam sauna. With steam sauna facial and skin therapy is preceded by treatment. To hydrate and soften the skin steam sauna helps a lot. Other beauty treatments are also combined with Massage therapy. For rejuvenating the emotions, healthy living, spiritual development, harmonious existence and balance of mind, holistic treatment helps very well to achieve. Body Spa is always considered as mind refereshing or to maintain health therapy and grand spa centre avails the various body spa like Ayurveda Spa, Thalassotherapy Spa, Medical Spa, Eco Spa & Much more all over in Ambala.

Use of herbs and oils for muscle and joint pains are done in Alternative Therapy, which is included in Spa treatments. On our hectic and active lifestyle of today’s time’s modern spa therapies is especially designed to concentrate on it. Around the globe Spa treatments can be found very easily.

Categorization of Spa

  • Ayurveda Spa – It is helpful to prevent and heal diseases and its symptoms, along with enhancing the immune system. Ayurvedic Spa also encompasses Meditation and Yoga. 
  • Thalassotherapy Spa - Because of the remedial benefits of Thalassotherapy Spa, it is also helpful, for de-stressing, relaxation, detoxification and calm pains for treating insomnia. This type of spa also aids in re-establishing the body’s natural chemical balance.
  • Medical Spa- Includes treatments like laser, microdermabrasion, medical peels, Botox and dermal fillers, and especially administered by a medical practitioner.
  • Eco Spa
  • Urban Spa Destination Spa
  • Hotel/Resort Spa
  • Cruise Ship Spa
  • Thermal or Mineral Spa

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